It is staggering how many household and personal items cannot be recycled through local curbside or municipality programs. TerraCyle is a waste management company that has partnered with brands to come up with an effective solution to keep these items out of landfills. As a consumer you can sign up for various brand specific recycling programs the company offers. Once you sign up, you simply print a shipping label and send empty product packaging back to the company to be properly recycled for free! Some of the well known brands include Colgate, Garnier, and Goldbond. 

TerraCycle also offers paid recycling options for all sorts of hard to recycle items through their “Zero Waste Boxes” such as snack and candy wrappers or plastic packaging. Once they receive your items, the company goes through a rigorous process to turn the items into raw, recycled material which is sold to manufacturing companies to be used for various items such as athletic fields or shipping pallets. You can read more about this process here:

While you do incur a fee with the Zero Waste Boxes, you can always split the cost with family and friends or if you own a business you can offer the services to employees or customers for a fee to offset the cost. The benefit to the environment is worth it!