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Where Organization Meets Sustainability!

At ECO, I don’t just organize your space. I work with you to implement systems that function efficiently with your everyday life, so you’re able to maintain your clutter free space and stay organized.

From the initial consultation to the completed project, I will guide you through every step of the process. From every fold to every corner, I make sure that no detail goes unnoticed and the end result is a space you truly love. 

I am excited to bring my services to Clarksville, TN, the Nashville/Franklin area, and Hopkinsville, KY. I look forward to working with you and helping you get organized and create a more sustainable lifestyle!

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When you choose ECO Consulting & Organizing, you’re prioritizing sustainable solutions


Your home should be the place that energizes you. I can help you create a space that is organized, showcases what brings you joy, and functions well with your lifestyle.


I specialize in streamlining office setups, decluttering digital & physical spaces to optimize efficiency and productivity. I work with you to create more sustainable solutions for your business.

Move Prep & New Home Setup

Moving can be stressful, but it is a great time to get organized! I will help you prepare for an upcoming move, declutter, and set up your new place to ensure a smooth transition.

Digital Declutter

I will guide you through organizing your digital files and photos and help you find the best solutions for managing your inbox and passwords.

Special Projects

Whether it’s a craft room overhaul, implementing an inventory management system, organizing a supply room, or planning an event, I’m here to help with your project!

Seasonal Changes

I can adapt your space to welcome a new season with ease: swapping clothing and household items to accommodate for changing weather, organizing seasonal decor, and preparing for holidays.

KonMari Method

As a certified KonMari Consultant, I am uniquely qualified to apply Marie Kondo’s “life changing magic of tidying up” to help you transform your space, and your life!

Photo courtesy of KonMari Media, Inc.

Let’s Get Organized

What Can I Expect?

How do I get started?

I start all projects with a free consultation to assess each client’s needs and preferences and discuss your ideal space and lifestyle.

While the KonMari method resonates with me, every client is different. I will tailor my organization approach to best meet your goals. So if you want to organize a closet, set up a new home, complete KonMari tidying sessions or a full tidying festival. I can help with any size and type of organizing project! After the initial consultation, I will provide a time frame and cost estimate based on the size and scope of your project. Once you are ready to move forward, we can schedule our sessions and get started

What is the process?

I like to think of the organizing process as not just “getting rid of stuff” but perfectly curating your space to only showcase the things you love.
Your favorite photo, the soft, cozy blanket you curl up with at the end of a long day, your vinyl record collection,etc. I want you to look around your home or office and feel a sense of peace and joy. 

  1. First, we will meticulously declutter all items, keeping only what you love and truly need, and letting go of the rest. 
  2. Then I will organize the items you are keeping according to your preferred aesthetic and ideal functionality. I help you repurpose items you have and can make product  recommendations if needed.
  3. Lastly, I will guide you through the process of discarding the items you no longer need, offering resources that prioritize donation and recycling options first. Some items, of course, might need to simply be thrown away.

How much do you charge?

Hourly rates are $60 per hour. A typical session is 3 hours, but that can vary based on the project and client’s needs. I do offer package discounts, as well as a military discount, and will occasionally offer other promotions.