One of the biggest sustainable swaps I’ve made in my lifestyle is prioritizing items that can be reused over single use plastic. Some of the easiest ones to do:

  1. Refilling a metal water bottle rather than buying bottled water.
  2. Using reusable tote bags when shopping (even for produce!).
  3. Bringing my own cup to a coffee shop.
  4. Drink with reusable straws – they have so many options: silicone, glass, metal.

One of my favorite reusable products are Stasher bags (pictured above on a bamboo rack). I use these bags for everything! Storing & freezing food, bringing snacks or toiletries on the go; you can cook with them too. I’ve used their larger size to easily make popcorn at home and we all know how important snacks are.
Per the brand’s website, every bag “keeps 260 single use plastic bags out of oceans per year.” They are also easy to clean and maintain, safe to put in the microwave or oven, and when they need to be replaced they are recyclable through TerraCycle.