One of the things I feel most strongly about in my business is a commitment to using renewable resources and limiting the use of plastic whenever possible. One way I am able to do this is by using a variety of bamboo organizing products. Bamboo is a renewable resource that makes an excellent alternative to the abundance of plastic or acrylic organizing products you see everywhere. From a lazy susan, to drawer inserts, and divided turntables, there are so many options! They are affordable and easily accessible. I have found many of my favorites at Target and Home Goods. I feel they bring a more natural aesthetic to a home, especially when used inside wooden cabinets and drawers

Check out these photos for some ideas. I’ve used bamboo drawer dividers in pretty much every drawer I’ve ever worked on. A lazy susan is so versatile; I love them for spices or vitamins & supplements. I’ve even used a divided turntable for cat toys!